from Firewood & Rust by Mama Gina



Originally written for a song contest about the Santa Fe River in north central Florida - it made it to the final round, before getting knocked out - Drift is my love song to everything that makes my home state so beautiful. The Santa Fe is a very slow moving river, a rafting and tubing favorite, and does a very Florida thing. It disappears into a sink hole (you shouldn't raft or inner-tube that part, ya know) and reemerges a few miles downstream. Her color comes from the oak leaves that decay and release their tannins into her stream. There is something so peaceful about every bit of her eco-system ... this is Church ... and we should protect everything sacred.


© 2/2016 G. LaMonte

Slow she rolls – tannin brown
Feeds the trees that feed her
And when she flows underground
And you can’t see her
She still eddies, curls
Like this ribbon is the gift
Slows my soul right down
All I wanna do is …

Drift – gonna stare up at the sky
Float lazy like a leaf along the way
Sink – gonna drop myself right in
Gonna bathe my aching soul, I’m gonna pray
Rise – gonna turn and taste the sun
And every time my life runs too swift
Gonna make my way down the Santa Fe
Pour myself in and drift

Bend my knee like cypress
Take my time to grow
Feel the water wash over me
Watch the manatee roll
Might lift my head and dry my wings
And close my eyes a bit
Don’t need to do much of anything
All I wanna do is …


Drift river - Sink river - Rise river – Drift



from Firewood & Rust, released March 24, 2020
Written and performed by Gina LaMonte


all rights reserved



Mama Gina Tampa, Florida

Award winning singer/songwriter & wanderlust ... fearless story-telling ... bluesy vocals ... humor ... straight-ahead, rhythmic, 12 string acoustic guitar ... djembe ... frame drums ... all weft and warp of the soul of this bard

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