Firewood & Rust

from Firewood & Rust by Mama Gina



You never know where or when inspiration will strike. I was riding with friends to perform at a festival in West Virginia ... we wove through all the twisty, turny mountain roads, and I was in the back seat. If you have ever ridden through those back roads, you know that it is the perfect recipe to get carsick! In an effort to take my mind off how queasy I was feeling, and having just spotted a weather-worn wagon wheel at the edge of the road, I began writing this in my head. By the time we arrived at our destination, I was feeling much better, and grabbed my guitar out of the trunk to suss out the chords and scribble these words before it was all lost.


Firewood & Rust
© 8/2017 G. LaMonte

You’re just a broken wagon wheel, only gone so far
Last time you laid down to rest, wound up where you are
There ain’t no fixin’ you and you ain’t movin’ on
The world still turns beneath you like a song, a sad, sad song

You still hear the music, but you can’t make it on your own
So, you tune into the universe on some old radio
All you get is static in this house that ain’t no home
And you wait for someone else to break down real close

A feather with no wing, a lyric you can’t sing
And you’re missin’ everything that you had before
Wheel without a wagon, fire without that dragon
You are what you are, and you can’t be anymore

A wheel, it ain’t no wheel lyin’ in the dust
No comin’ back from this … firewood and rust

You’re the heartbreak in that song you wrote
That you can’t bear to sing
Reminds you of the love you had – you messed up everything
Hurts too much to try again, so you ain’t gonna let it
Tell ‘em all you settled down … baby, you just settled


You’re just a broken wagon wheel lyin’ in the dust
No comin’ back from this … firewood and rust


from Firewood & Rust, released March 24, 2020
Written and performed by Gina LaMonte


all rights reserved



Mama Gina Tampa, Florida

Award winning singer/songwriter & wanderlust ... fearless story-telling ... bluesy vocals ... humor ... straight-ahead, rhythmic, 12 string acoustic guitar ... djembe ... frame drums ... all weft and warp of the soul of this bard

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